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Experience moments that will live within you forever

When I reflect on the memories I’ve created in this stunning country,  they are deliciously peppered with moments of splendour. Experiences bursting with sunshine, laughter, beauty and decadent realness. I’m so blessed to have all of this on my door step and I’m proud to share it with the world.

After many years of working in the media world, I’ve taken the leap and created the business I’ve been dreaming of. I’ve created Splendour. I’ve rubbed shoulders with celebrities and entertained clients in some of the most amazing places in the country, amassing the skills to produce something unique, something fabulous!

carly rea splendour tailored tours

…bursting with sunshine, laughter, beauty and decadent realness.

My Vision

My vision for Splendour is to create completely personalised experiences. I want to take you places that only a well-connected local would have access to. I want to show you the sights in a way that I would enjoy them myself – perhaps on a Sunday afternoon with friends or on a leisurely weekend away.

At Splendour we curate fabulously unrivalled experiences, itineraries and experiences of Sydney and the rest of Australia for visitors. Be our guest and let us look after you while you’re here.

I’ve lived in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney for 10 years and have been lucky enough to experience the best of the best – in every possible sense. I’ve met amazing people, ate mind-blowing local cuisine and danced until the sun came up over Bondi Beach.

Australia is the most diverse and beautiful country and Sydney is the most glamorous yet ruggedly stunning city I’ve ever seen. There are a multitude of Aussie tour operators, and you’ll see some amazing things. But, Splendour is something different. Something special.

chefs, yacht captains, wine sommeliers, jewellers, pilots…

Get in touch

As soon as you know you’re visiting, give us a call and we will create a completely tailor-made experience for you and your party. All you have to do is let us know what you want to see and experience and Splendour will take care of every detail.

We will tap into our network of award-winning chefs, yacht captains, Australian wine sommeliers, yoga instructors, jewellers, pilots, surf and horseback riding instructors, style experts and deep-sea fishermen and so many others. We, collectively, will build you the perfect Australian experience.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s have a conversation about what you’d like to get out of your time in Australia.