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That's a pretty big statement, let us prove it.
couple on a yacht laughing and drinking

Fabulous people

Fabulous places

Splendour Tailored Tours craft journeys that reflect the uniqueness of every traveller. Our mission is to transform wanderlust into reality, curating moments that linger in the hearts of our guests.

Everyone at Splendour is committed to redefining travel. We believe in the magic of discovery, and it’s our shared love for creating unforgettable memories that makes us truly fabulous.

Meet Our Team

Our HQ team is committed to infusing each Splendour tour with a vibrant, personalised vibe. Meet the faces behind the scenes.

Carly Rea Splendour founder

Carly Rea

The Boss

There’s no denying that jumping headfirst into an unknown industry is a boss move. And that’s just what she is, a boss. Carly saw a gap in the market for luxury travel through a local’s eyes when she conceptualised Splendour Tailored Tours.

Stepping away from her accomplished career as producer of Australia’s top radio show, Carly was able to look at the travel industry with a set of fresh eyes and apply her management skills to a new challenge. She asked questions others haven’t and said ‘why not?’ to set in stone rules which has seen Splendour go from strength to strength in her nearly ten-year tenure.

Her approach to travel is progressive and inspirational. In Carly’s words “We’re not here to cure cancer, we’re here to have fun.”

Bella Rutherford Splendour team member

Bella Rutherford

Chief Operating Officer

The brains behind our whole operation, Bella keeps Splendour ticking with her masterful systems, can-do attitude, and inquisitive mind. Always looking for new and smarter ways for us to work and deliver premium products to all our guests, Bella is the backbone.

Drawing on a wealth of experience from previous marketing and business development positions at local designer brands, AllPress Coffee and Pony Rider, Bella applies her know how to improve productivity, output, and growth.

She’s a jack of all trades, jumping in and out of all aspects of the business to make sure we’re cruising along.

Louisa Dickson Splendour team member

Louisa Dickson

Senior Travel Curator

She’s fabulous; she’s bougie; she’s smart – and that’s why Louisa is the head honcho of our designer itineraries. Every journey she touches receives her keen eye and attention to detail down to a tee. Nothing gets past this chick.

Louisa has her hand on the pulse of what makes Sydney’s heartbeat. She knows every superyacht in town, she never takes no for an answer, and she thinks big. Why not have breakfast on the harbour bridge?

Louisa’s background in luxury real estate working with NSW’s top agent and consequent stint on Prime’s ‘Luxe Listings’ TV series make her the only Sydney contact you need to elevate your travel experience.

Alice Geary Splendour team member

Alice Geary

Senior Experiences and Marketing Manager

Our all-round gal who knows what is happening every minute of every day at Splendour. Alice ensures we are ticking like a well-oiled machine across touring and marketing.

With a well-worn passport and truck load of travel planning experience working with one of the UK’s top tour operators, Alice applies her general love for travel to ensure all tours are delivered with utmost professionalism and enjoyed to the max. Travel is oxygen for Alice and our guests are grateful for it!

Sally Mckay Splendour team member

Sally McKay

Travel Curator and Communicator

The one with the bendy mind, always coming up with creative ideas and ways to make sure Splendour is top of mind. Sally brings 20-years of experience working in communications for Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, Destination NSW, Accor Australia and Small Luxury Hotels of the World to Splendour.

She’s the newsletter writer, the stunt woman, the creative director and all round, ideas woman.
In addition, Sally designs bespoke itineraries drawing on her time creating itineraries for visiting media at Destination NSW including the Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres shows.

splendour tailored tours guide matt


Host Director

He has climbed the Harbour Bridge too many times to count, met thousands of international visitors and gets requested by those returning to Sydney, Matty (as he is affectionately called) is Splendour’s host extraordinaire. So, it is only natural that he is the group leader to our wonderful bunch of hosts.

The face of the company, Matty is loved by all those who cross his path. Often on the road and sometimes in the office, Matt answers questions, provides guidance, and implements systems that allow our hosts to do their best possible work on the ground with our guests.

Kym Splendour team member



The bottom-line lady who manages the back end of the business and let us do what we do best. Kym takes care of Splendour’s books.
Maria Splendour team member



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Hand-picked hosts

Our specialised hosts will guide you through your Splendour experience from a local’s perspective.
splendour tailored tours guide matt


Growing up in Maroubra in Sydney’s Eastern beaches, Matt knows his way around the sand and the city. He prides himself on his personal attention and making sure that every guest leaves with a smile on their face and a desire to come back. Matt has visited nearly 60 countries and ventured to all 7 continents. While he loves to travel it’s the Harbour City that always calls him home.

When Matt isn’t guiding he spend his free time surfing, exploring food and culture, playing guitar and attending any live sport event that he possibly can. His positivity makes him the kind of guy that everybody loves to be around.

Sladj a host with splendour tailored tours


Sladj has a way of making you see the little things which are often overlooked. Her infections smile and joyful outlook on life is uplifting, energising and addictive to be around. Her love for sharing Sydney is motivated by witnessing her guest’s reactions as they experience a place for the first time. When she’s not exploring new corners of the world, Sladj loves waking up early to catch a Sydney sunrise or dancing the night away with friends.
splendour tailored tours guide peta


Peta’s tours are passionate with a touch of sass. She has that knack of bringing a breath of fresh air to each destination. Her inquisitive nature will have you experiencing places and tastes you did not yet know you needed. She has an electric personality that is down-to-earth, inclusive and she really knows how to make a memorable experience for her guests.

When she is not walking the Camino, hiking the Blue Mountains or trying out new little hidden bars and restaurants in her city, you will also find her boxing, doing yoga or catching up with her army of wonderful friends.

splendour tailored tours guide paul


After visiting Australia in 1987 Paul promised that one day he would return to the land down under and almost 30 years later (and a career in Sales and Marketing!) he is finally living the dream. His love of all things Australian and, in particular Sydney, is infectious and he has spent the last 8 years relishing his new home city.

Paul loves learning all the amazing stories of new settlers, aboriginal history and the history of the post war immigration from Europe and sharing this knowledge with guests. His tours reflect his love of, and his gratitude to live in, this wonderful city.

When he’s not touring Paul loves bush walking, tennis and (even at his age) gym and pilates – oh and walking Bailey, the most famous Bernese Mountain Dog in Sydney.

splendour tailored tours guide evelyn


Evelyn has lived across Europe and around Australia organising numerous retreat-style tours. However, it was Sydney that captured her heart. Evelyn’s ability to establish authentic connections with anyone she encounters is mesmerising and she always ensures guest’s expectations are exceeded during their stay.

Evelyn enjoys eating her way through the city’s diverse restaurants, exploring new hiking trails, practicing martial arts, and providing shiatsu and craniosacral therapy to her clients.

splendour tailored tours guide Peter


Peter brings a unique level of expertise to his tours. With over 30+ years working in his field, he is equipped with knowledge about each and every little corner of Sydney, let’s say he knows the area like the back of his hand! His Greek heritage and love of sharing all his knowledge, passion for life and boundless enthusiasm and optimism, makes Peter a host to remember.
When he’s not touring, Peter can be found spending the day at North Head, taking in the best views of the city, going for long walks, cycling, surfing, playing golf or his new-found favourite thing to do on a weekend – belting out some tunes with friends at a local Karaoke bar.
splendour tailored tours indigenous guide Kira


splendour tailored tours guide Rebecca


Rebecca is a seasoned fashion industry professional with a wealth of global experience. Born in Melbourne and raised in Sydney, she brings a unique perspective to her tours. Having lived in Asia and travelled the world, Rebecca has developed a passion for exploring the coves and bays of Sydney Harbour through bushwalking and indulging in local produce at markets and restaurants. With her positive “can-do” attitude, Rebecca is the perfect guide to show you the fascinating history and hidden gems of Sydney. You’ll be in expert hands as you embark on an adventure with Rebecca to discover the best of Sydney’s cultural and culinary delights.
splendour tailored tours guide Benjamin Driver


A Sydney boy, born and bred – Benjamin has always had a connection to both the natural and man-made world – textures, leaves, stones, trees, as well as creatures. He is an avid gardener and quite often finds himself at home outside collecting, observing and absorbing how things function.

Although he has a Masters degree in Architecture, he most often describes himself as being an ‘urbanist’ – having a keen interest in how cities grow, function and provide for us all. From the macro set-out and alignments of city structure to the quality and pattern of the paving on a footpath, he’s obsessed with it all.

splendour tailored tours guide chef mishy


Having chef’d all over the world, Mishy (Michelle) has a unique insider knowledge of the food scene in Sydney. Since her hugely successful launch of Bistro Rex (Sydney’s hottest French style bistro in Potts Point), Mishy has opened her own kitchen where she not only produces her own range of sell out sauces, broths and healthy lunches. She also wows guests with bespoke menus and private dinners.

Winning multiple awards for her unique and flavour-packed menus, she is well known and well respected across Sydney’s foodie scene. Mishy adds a fabulous foodie, design and fashion element to Splendour’s private dining experiences.

splendour tailored tours guide eric


Eric, a revered local and tour guide in the Blue Mountains, is renowned for his in-depth knowledge of the region's history and natural wonders. With years of expertise, he leads captivating expeditions, unveiling hidden gems and sharing insights into the area's rich heritage.

His passion for nature is infectious, fostering a deep appreciation for the mountains among visitors. Eric's engaging storytelling and genuine warmth create memorable experiences, making him a cherished figure in the exploration of the Blue Mountains' breathtaking landscapes.

splendour tailored tours guide melani


Meet Melani, a Sydney native with a worldly perspective. After years abroad and returning in her teens, she's been captivated by the city's charm ever since. Transitioning from a 20-year stint as an IT Executive Assistant, she found her passion in showcasing Sydney's beauty.

Melani's warmth and curiosity lead her on adventures through beaches, markets, galleries, and cafes, revelling in the city's diversity. When not exploring, she's dedicated to Pilates, lunches with friends, or enjoying downtime with her beloved pups.

Melani's enthusiasm shines as she eagerly shares the best of Sydney, making every tour a delightful and memorable experience.

splendour tailored tours guide Michelle


Born in Santiago, Chile and raised from a young age in Australia, Michelle is a global gypsy. Growing up with two home countries has enabled Michelle to travel widely and absorb many cultures.

Michelle is a practicing artist, involved in the Australian and Chilean art world as an exhibition maker, educator, creator of public programs and collaborator. She is incredibly well-connected in the Sydney contemporary art world and a lover of fashion. She knows all the premier Australian and multi-brand luxury fashion boutiques in Sydney. Michelle is passionate about curating unique experiences with style and flare.

splendour tailored tours guide Jeremy


Jeremy has a diverse background having worked in education, digital recruitment, and a taste of the modelling world, he’s also a trusted Uber pro, clocking over 9000 trips. When not hitting the gym or playing AFL with the Sydney University Masters, he loves learning about different cultures, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Jeremy's genuine love for people and exploration shapes engaging tours. With Jeremy, every step is easy going, every discovery a pleasant surprise—ensuring your adventure is both delightful and laid-back.

splendour tailored tours guide Julia


Julia has lived in the heart of Bondi Beach for over 20 years and has worked as a tour guide since 2000. She graduated from Moscow University with a degree in Geology.

Her love for Australia and its people is deep and it’s abundantly apparent when she hosts international guests. Not only is she charming and spunky, she is an absolute wealth of knowledge on Sydney and surrounds. History, geology, arts, culture and beach life are topics she can talk endlessly on.

splendour tailored tours guide Rosie


Most locals know Rosie, or @rosiebondi due to her huge following on Instagram. You’ll find Rosie along the coast at sunrise most days snapping the locals, beaches, surf and rock pools. Rosie is super friendly and has a wicked sense of humour. She loves sharing her knowledge of Sydney’s beaches and history along with tips and tricks on how to capture the best shots of the area. Born and raised in Ireland and growing up close to the Atlantic, Rosie has an deep rooted love of big surf and wild ocean

Rosie learned photography the old fashioned way through years of experience and our guests love her enthusiastic and down to earth way of teaching. Her images have been sold the world over and her work is often featured by Nikon Australia and Leica Australia.

splendour tailored tours guide Monika


German by birth and Australian by choice, Monika is fun, charismatic, interesting and intelligent. Monika specialises in all things art, history, culture, beach and harbour. Her passion is hosting discerning travelers who have an appreciation for the finer things in life.
splendour tailored tours guide host grant hyde


A born storyteller, Grant is a celebrated author and local character. Equipped with a lively, humorous and cheeky attitude, Grant played for one of Australia’s famous football teams, the Sydney Roosters. It was here that he fostered friendships with his Polynesian teammates, resulting in a love for the Pacific. Having travelled the Pacific Islands extensively, his interest in human history resulted in his first novel.

Specialising in Sydney coastal walks Grant focuses on Australia’s convict and colonial history, revealing what truly makes Sydney so special. Grant’s indigenous friends have shared their incredible ancient past with him giving him added knowledge which he happily shares with guests. When he isn’t hosting, he enjoys keeping fit and exploring the coast.

splendour tailored tours guide ellie


Ellie navigated the Mediterranean on superyachts before immersing herself in media and independent filmmaking. Her global jaunts fuel an affection for diverse cultures and cuisines, making her a fervent foodie and Sydney's local hotspot aficionado.

Nature's allure finds her thriving by the beach, exuding warmth and effortlessly forming connections. Ellie’s vibrant persona infuses storytelling and interactions, manifesting in an infectious zest for exploration and forging genuine human bonds.

Trust her to lead your adventures, crafting immersive experiences woven with a lifetime of spirited travel and exploration.

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