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Food brings people together, and when you holiday, sharing a meal and indulging in unique food experiences creates delicious, lasting memories.

Tantalising food and springtime in Australia are a perfect combination. The locals know this and celebrate all things gourmet in October – also known as Good Food Month.

Australian growers, chefs, wine makers and connoisseurs are all celebrated, there are special events, street festivals, extravagant dining experiences – it’s a gastronomic adventure!

Indigenous cuisine, regional delicacies and fresh local produce

Must-experience feature events

Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park in Sydney where Asian cuisine bursts to life among colour, lights and amazing aromas. As you weave your way around more than 50 stalls, you’ll experience the city’s top chef’s Asian creations.

This is the perfect way to experience everything from Malaysian Char Kway Teow to Chinese pork belly gua baos, even Italian gelato from Messina which will stop you dead in your tracks, or maybe send you back for more.

Orange Wine Festival comes around once a year and conveniently, it’s nestled smack-bang in the middle of Good Food Month. This under-celebrated region produces some of the best wine the country has to offer and this festival pulls eight of its top wine labels and their winemakers together.

Because it’s not all about wine, why not sample some local delicacies to wash down your drop of choice? How about a ‘Bubbly Brunch’ to start, followed by ‘Paella and Tempranillo’, finishing off with ‘Pork and Duck Delight’. Let Splendour take you to our favourite restaurants in the area and introduce you to the winemakers we love over a VIP 4 course meal with matching wines.

‘Bubbly Brunch’ followed by ‘Paella and Tempranillo’

Local Australian produce in spring

Mouth-watering and bursting with flavour, spring fruits are simply delightful. Cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums, strawberries and mangos prepared in every way imaginable. Our chefs are shopping locally, cooking seasonally and buying organically which makes for dining experiences that will leave you satisfied, happy and totally impressed.

Spring is about fresh seafood, colourful vegetables, lots of fruit and of course a sumptuous wine to marry it all together. Now’s the time to move from hearty roasts and a gutsy Barossa Shiraz to perhaps a seared salmon dish with a Hunter Valley Semillon.

Come Dine With Us

There are restaurants and then there are once-in-a-lifetime dining experiences. The beauty of Australia is that it literally is a melting pot of cuisines.

Here, you’ll find refined modern Australian, traditional Italian, decadent Middle Eastern and my favourite, clean, innovative, classic Japanese – all using the freshest produce this gorgeous land and seas has to offer.

Bennelong, Sydney Opera House

There’s a story to be told at Bennelong, one spun by delectable dishes masterfully created by Executive Chef Peter Gilmore, who made his mark just across the bay at Quay in Circular Quay, one of Sydney’s most awarded restaurants.

Under the sails of the majestic Sydney Opera House, feast on a uniquely mouthwatering experience unsurpassed by creativity and quality. A meal memory that will linger for many years to come.

Catalina in Rose Bay

Step back in time to 1957, where the infamous Caprice restaurant once stood, this multi-award winning harbour restaurant has one of the best seafood menus on the planet – Splendour thanks Head Chef for Mark Axisa for this.

Our absolute favourite dish would be the lobster, fettuccine nero with tomato and chilli infused lobster oil. That dish with a glass of Ross Hill Pinnacle Series Pinot Gris will leave you with an absolutely indescribable feeling of satisfaction.

Catalina Restaurant Seafood Sushi Sydney Harbour Rose Bay

During Good Food Month feast on Catalina’s chef’s selection set five-course menu with matching wine of the era’s class. It is sure to blow your mind.

Let Splendour curate a food lovers’ Australian experience in October that is sure to delight every sense.

We have access to the best and most exclusive restaurants and we’d be delighted to arrange a behind-the-scenes approach to your food and wine journey.

Why settle for ordinary when we can serve you the extraordinary – on a plate!